Recent Projects


There are so many uses for Plywood we couldn't list them all here but what we can do is give you a look at some of the projects our Plywood has been used for

Starting with quite a prestigious project we were pleased to be asked to supply the Plywood for:

Wimbledon Tennis Club London

Our Plywood has been used to help in many construction projects from the refurbishment of Harrods to blocking off entrances and exits to areas under construction. You will also see that you can paint our Plywood to match your projects colour or even just to blend into the backround while also being able to leave it natural to match the surroundings!

Have a look at some of these recent projects below:

Plywood In Construction

Residential Care Home


We have completed many doors for a number of outstanding projects and we can provide bespoke doors to any specification.

No challenge is to much for us.

To give you an idea of how we manufacture doors have a look at one of our current projects: Oak Veneer Doors

At our Leeds or Glasgow branches we also carry out Glazing on our doors, this can be done to almost any specification. Have a look at a couple of our recent glazing on our doors: Glazing

We have also recently produced Doors that were over 2.5m tall! These doors had bespoke veneers applied on our specialist 10ft press before being hand sprayed: 2 5M Doors  

As our doors are bespoke there are many different types of veneers and glazing used, see below for an example of some of what Leeds have produced recently: