Our Products

Here we list the range of products we stock from the various countries of supply all approved under the UKTR (previously European Timber Regulation)

With such a diverse portfolio of products, it’s important that we stay current and to do this we regularly visit the areas that are evolving, such as China; which was not part of the Countries on offer 33 years ago when Caledonian Plywood first started!

Fortunately, we have worked very closely in China and now have a long term partnership with our key agents, who selects the Mills we use, inspects each order pre shipment and develops solutions to challenges such as the UKTR ( previously European Timber Regulation), legality and Certification as well as ensuring our compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Of course China isn't the only country we work with, we have close relationships with Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia and Uruguay to ensure we have a full range of products on offer.


All plywood used in external applications should be protected and edge sealed immediately.


Elliottis Pine softwood plywood manufactured from a mix of Elliottis and Taeda Pine. The product has FSC® Certification and can be offered as structural CE2+/UKCA under the Construction Products Directive with supporting DOP (Declaration of Performance). The face grades are C+/C and B/C and the glue line is suitable for external use, EN314/2 Class 3.


There is a vast range of products available from China suitable for different applications and is the biggest supplier to the UK of plywood products.

There is both hardwood plywood and softwood plywood available, with varying glue bonds covering EN636-2 (exterior in dry humid and protected applications) up to EN636-3 (external applications)

Poplar core, FSC and non FSC.

Mixed Poplar / Eucalyptus core, FSC and non FSC 

Eucalyptus core, FSC and non FSC

Radiata Pine, FSC and non FSC

The product is then over veneered with various faces including Engineered Poplar Veneer, Eucalyptus, softwood and with paper Film & Mesh.

Face grades are B/BB, BB/CC on hardwood faced plywood and B/C, C+/C on softwood plywood. The CE2+ is structural and is offered with a DOP (Declaration of Performance).

The standard product is EN636-2 Class 2, EN314-2 Class 2, 72-hour boil test and Q Mark tested to give further peace of mind up to EN636-2 Class 3, EN314-2 Class 3.

Caledonian Plywood Company Ltd have also introduced testing in China so as well as using FSC Certified logs from Uruguay and we have independent tests carried out to show that the logs are from the timber we believe they should be. Tests are carried out by the Nanjing Wood Based Panels Testing Centre of the State Forestry Administration of China.


Indonesian 3rd party Certified Marine Plywood by HFB to BS1088-2003, Certified SVLK, FLEGT.


Malaysia offer hardwood plywood in BB/CC Grade and BS1088 Marine, 3rd party Certified by BM TRADA under their Q Mark scheme.

The plywood is covered by MYTLAS, PEFC or FSC Certification and has CE2+/UKCA structural certification and supporting DOP (Declaration of Performance) under the CPD (Construction Products Directive).

Malaysian Plywood is fully exterior EN636-2 part 3 and structural

3rd Party Certified Malaysian Marine Plywood BS1088-2003. 


Uruguay Weyerhaeuser Lumin exterior plywood EN636-2 part 3 is a Pine, Eucalyptus plywood, certified FSC or PEFC that is CE2+/UKCA suitable for structural applications in grades CDX, CCX, BCX.

The Plywood is fully exterior, EN636-2 Class 2 EN314-2 Class 3.

Sheet Materials


From the production and research plant in Clonmel, Ireland, MEDITE supply a wide range of MDF (medium density fibreboard) products to meet the diverse needs of users, specifiers and designers across Europe and beyond. The extensive range of MDF products offers standard, speciality and technical variants, to meet a multitude of specifications.


Through consistent commitment to research, development and ongoing investment in technology, MEDITE have led the greater market to advances in areas such as finish quality, moisture resistance, flame retardancy and many more MDF attributes.

Benefits of using MEDITE MDF

  1. Excellent machinability
  2. Consistent, smooth surface - perfect for finishing
  3. Available in a wide range of variants from moisture resistance to flame retardance
  4. CARB2 compliant
  5. Sustainably manufactured

Find out more: https://mdfosb.com/en/medite-mdf


SMARTPLY Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is manufactured by compressing precisely engineered strands of woods with exterior resins at high temperature to create an incredibly strong and versatile panel. SMARTPLY is made from sustainable, fast-growing timber, as it only uses forest thinnings of new-growth pine and spruce, including the tops which are not used to make any other wood-based product.


SMARTPLY produces a wide range of versatile, cost effective and environmentally conscious OSB panels for the market. There are two grades of SMARTPLY: OSB/3 and OSB/4. All panels are manufactured in accordance with EN 300 performance standard and are suitable in service class 1 or 2 applications.

Benefits of using SMARTPLY OSB

  1. Strong and durable panel
  2. No added formaldehyde
  3. Range of value-added products include those with an airtight layer, lower slip risk coating, continuous recess for pattressing and flame retardant resins
  4. Sustainably manufactured
  5. Available in larger panel sizes

Find out more: https://mdfosb.com/en/smartply-osb

Sterling OSB (Orientated Strand Board)


This is a versatile panel that is effectively an alternative to sheathing plywood.

Tens of thousands of precise strands averaging 120mm long and 25mm wide are dried and bonded together.

The cross directional forming of the strands gives SterlingOSB its increased strength.

SterlingOSB3 is BBA approved, and in both Square Edge and T+G formats.

Typical uses include: Timber Frame, Roofing, Wall Sheathing, Flooring, Site Hoarding, Shelving and Racking, Pallets, Packaging and Crating.

SterlingOSB is manufactured in the UK by West Fraser using sustainably sourced wood, with the reassurance of FSC® certification.

CaberWood MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)


MDF panels are used extensively throughout the Construction and Furniture industries.

CaberWood MDF is a very versatile panel that has low emission E1 resin binders, high internal bond strength and superior holding of screws and fasteners. CaberWood MDF can be trusted to provide a smooth surface and consistent density that saws and drills easily, and shapes and routs cleanly.

Available in CaberWood MDF Trade, CaberWood MDF Pro and CaberWood MDF MR Grades.

Typical uses include: Internal Machined Joinery where paint or lacquer finish is required, Laminating or Veneering for Furniture manufacturing.

CaberWood MDF is manufactured in the UK by West Fraser using sustainably sourced wood, with the reassurance of FSC®certification.

CaberBoard Chipboard (Particleboard)


CaberBoard is a trusted flooring brand with a range of panels.

CaberFloor P5 is a high density, precision tongued and glued chipboard flooring panel.

Available in 18mm and 22mm, CaberFloor P5 is the most commonly specified in the UK and is frequently used in the manufacture of Cassette Floors.

Now available in CaberDek (has a waterproof, slip-resistant film) and CaberShieldPlus (tough, waterproof coating on both sides) with a range of glues and tapes, these flooring products can be used to produce a fully finished flooring system that can be utilised as safe working platforms before wind and watertight.

Use CaberBoard flooring with Norbord’s fixings range for complete BBA approval - a floor guaranteed to last. 

CaberBoard is manufactured in the UK by West Fraser using sustainably sourced wood, with the reassurance of FSC® certification.